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Automatic cleaners that make it to the store these days are meant to beat the convenience. They can truly be defined as mechanical wonders in layman’s language. That said, these are machines. Everything – from the operation of the equipment to the quality of cleaning – depends on the choice of the right brand and model of a vacuum cleaner.


How to choose the Best Automatic pool cleaners? What features should you consider? What important aspects should you know prior to buying one for yourself? Read on to find answers to your questions in the subsequent sections. Choose one of the following robotic vacuum cleaners to get an rechargeable pool vacuum immaculate pool without straining your finances.

  • Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus
  • Aquabot Turbo T2 Plus
  • Dolphin Triton Plus by Maytronics
  • Polaris 9550 Sport
  • Hayward TigerShark robotic cleaner

Now that you have a fair bit of knowledge about the brands of vacuum cleaners on which you should consider spending your hard-earned money to get more bang for the buck, the next thing you need to know the features they bring to the table.

Here is a list of the attributes that make the aforementioned list of pool cleaning machines one of the best in the industry.

  • Lightweight
  • Wide with four-wheel-drive wheels
  • Swivel cord
  • Brushes of the highest quality
  • Climbing ability
  • Programmable Timer
  • Sensors and deflecting features
  • Effective and efficient cycles of cleaning
  • Energy efficiency
  • Durability

While there is no denying the fact that some of the products listed above can be how to use a pool vacuum a bit expensive, especially if you are in a tight budget, the value they bring to the table makes them worth every penny. Get one of these wonders at your home and put a stop to all the apprehensions related to cleaning a messy pool.


A cleaner works in tandem with a water pump and filtration system linked to a pool. When put in place, the suction passes through the vacuum head instead of doing so via the filter. It eventually enters the filtration system by virtue of a flexible hose. This makes it simple and easy to clean the sides and bottom of a pool.

A sturdy fiberglass handle to which the vacuum head is attached, allows users to push the latter in the same way in which they do so with a home vacuum cleaner.