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Lack of knowledge about these properties will not accelerate this program, as we imagine” – dodawał.Zgodnie with the provisions of the Act on the KZN on 11 September 2017 within 60 days of the entry into force of the Act, local governments having the land of the Treasury in the administrative boundaries of cities are required to communicate information about real estate. This term expired in mid-December. In the case of rural term verification and transfer to KZN passed in mid-April br.zobacz also: Expert: After the expiry of MdM-u need to pay attention to the apartment plus and IKM-y “According to information received PAP KZN property information of the State Treasury of the 203 counties as well as lists of selected resources on the National Forests, National Center for Support of Agriculture and Property Agency Wojskowego.Dzięki Act of KZN has created so-called. land bank, which will run the farm estate of the Treasury. Land that will come to KZN, will be used for the construction of housing under the program plus apartment. The rent will be determined on the basis of a regulation issued annually by the Council Ministrów.Spółka BGK Real Estate invests within plus apartments in Jarocin (here already took delivery of the first family housing allocations), and in Biala Podlaska, Gdynia, Walbrzych, Pruszkow and Kępno. The first apartments to be made in the 2018 order my homework for money Real Estate Resource roku.Krajowy the end of 2017 signed an agreement of intent with the 7 Continue Reading →