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Review: ‘Bad Hombres/Good Wives’ is a blast that is inspired of humor at San Diego Rep

Review: ‘Bad Hombres/Good Wives’ is a blast that is inspired of humor at San Diego Rep

During the threat of sounding that is flip wouldn’t do justice to a winningly bonkers comedy that got its female-empowerment themes seriously — “Bad Hombres/Good Wives” may just encourage both a hashtag and a theatrical genre: #MeTuba.

The blurts of a sousaphone serve as both musical accompaniment and sly comic commentary on the deliriously antic action in the San Diego Rep world premiere of Herbert Sigьenza’s Moliиre-goes-modern mashup.

Plus the man whom plays it as he roves round the stage — the tubaist that is talented Kuicho Rodriguez — becomes something similar to a wordlessly wry Greek chorus (in the event that ancient Greeks had gotten around to developing marching bands).

It’s the type of anything-goes gambit that frequently animates plays by Sigьenza, the Rep resident playwright (and co-founder associated with the pioneering Chicano troupe tradition Clash) who really loves placing classics by way of a pop-culture Mixmaster.

However with “Bad Hombres” — built around Moliиre’s “School for Wives,” about a chauvinistic goat that is old to groom the most wonderful, subservient spouse — the playwright has brought their singularly eccentric sensibilities to fresh creative levels.

And also as directed by having a yen for the kinetic by Rep chief that is artistic Woodhouse, the play has its own females not merely turning the tables but flipping them along with some hapless men’s minds, amid the ultra-macho milieu of Mexican medication cartels within the early 1990s. Continue Reading →