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Hand-made – crafting the Hector stool.

Copper is still one of the most lusted-after metallics around. From side and console tables to drawer fronts and stools, introducing copper cladding to a design can be transformative. Go behind the scenes at the workshop where we craft the Hector stool and see how it’s done.


It all starts at the wood store. Planks of mango wood are selected, cut and planed.



Copper has been used in architecture for centuries. It’s loved for its majestic appearance, durability and resistance to corrosion. Using surprisingly strong sheets of copper and craft scissors, the beautifully reflective material is cut to size and cladded onto the Hector’s seat.



Wood and metal teams work side by side. Each slat of mango wood is sanded down and positioned into place to form its country-style base, while the copper sheet is eased around the seat’s edges just metres away.


Most of our metallic-clad designs feature an intersecting line of nailheads. It’s achieved by hammering a nail onto a ultra-thin piece of zinc. The puncture wound goes through, marking the copper seat that sits beneath.


The result should be gleaming and the seat slightly bowed. When the team is happy, the base is attached. It’s a delicate process, but a striking one.

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How to Zen Out in Your Kitchen

Dark Wood Minimal Modern Kitchen

Remember the year that we threw out anything in our house that didn’t bring us JOY? Japanese Minimalism is having a moment (or a decade) and we are slowly getting on board and really analyzing what we need to house in our home and why. Minimalism is wonderful in a hotel or a guest room, but can be sad without texture and warmth – even in the kitchen. Today we are analyzing Zen kitchens with a roundup of what can make your kitchen go from boring and sparce to simple and warm.

Japanese Wood Kitchen

Zen doesn’t necessarily have to mean a sparse and minimal look in your home, it more loosely translates (especially in the kitchen) to everything having a place and everything being in its proper place. For that very reason, I love this S hook hanging system. These are the ideas that we are all looking for and wishing we could take credit of. What you have hanging from them has to be beautiful, as any random sippy cup won’t do and everything you own has to have a handle, but if you are this chic you can do your due diligence and shop with handles in mind.

White Marble Gold And Cork Kitchen

As we’ve discussed before black is big in kitchens this year – although it is best for a large kitchen that is part of an open floor plan. But, another trend that we haven’t talked about is no hardware on cupboards, which certainly keeps it quiet and zen. Both of these kitchens have beautiful marble instead of a ceasarstone or something plain which keeps these guys from going too stark and sad. This kitchen is achieving full zen as it is mixing a lot of finishes NOT patterns and wood is the #1 requisite.

Minimal Modern Bright Kitchen

I love this kitchen, especially that chic island shelf – without it that kitchen could go slightly contemporary.

Zen Kitchen Accessories Dramatic Black Wood

We see a lot of black and darker woods again in this kitchen but it works because it is part of a much larger floor plan and the light colored stools and counter help it from feeling too heavy and dark.

Zen Kitchen Accessories Light Wood and White

You’ll notice that there is a total lack of color in these kitchens, with black, white, cream, wood and metals creating a neutral story – a story that I’m very into.

Zen Kitchen Accessories Modern Wood Design

There is a decent amount of contrast amongst all the finishes but without any pattern or really ornate lines, all of these kitchens feel clean. Minimalism doesn’t mean not designed, or just uninentionally empty. instead it’s a delicate toying with finishes and tones, with an extreme eye for the exact right finish.

Zen Kitchen Accessories Modern Wood White Marble Tile

Here is a little product inspiration to get your Zen-gines started (I hope that pun came through). We have pulled together the first board if you are ready for a full zen inspired remodel, or if you just need a few little accessories to bring in the zen-inspired calm that we all need in our kitchen we have round those up for you below as well.

Zen Kitchen Accessories Furniture Minimal Wishbone Chair Indoor Plants Contemporary Modern Kitchen Design Moodboard

1. Brass Faucet | 2. Wood Countertops | 3. Handmade Tile | 4. Brass Pulls | 5. Black Cab | 6. Wishbone Chair | 7. Crest Chandelier | 8. Small Planter with Stand | 9. Large Planter with Stand

Zen Kitchen Accessories Furniture Minimal Wishbone Chair Indoor Plants Contemporary Modern Kitchen Design Accessories
Head on over to 13 New Kitchen Trends if you are craving some more info on what we think is hot this year. Or if your white kitchen is feeling dull and lackluster head on over to this post where we show you How to Bring Personality into Your White Kitchen.

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