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Andrey Bezrukov and Yelena Vavilova (“Donald Heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley”)

Andrey Bezrukov and Yelena Vavilova (“Donald Heathfield and Tracey Lee Ann Foley”)

Andrey Bezrukov, whom went because of the name “Donald Heathfield, ” had studied at Harvard’s John F. Kennedy class of national before you take for a senior part at a consulting firm in Boston. Their spouse, Yelena (“Tracey”), remained acquainted with their two young ones, Tim, 20, and Alex, 16. Both young ones had been born in Canada and had been residing lives that are normal Cambridge, Massachusetts. Whenever their moms and dads had been arrested if you are Russian spies, Tim had simply completed their sophomore 12 months at George Washington University in Washington, DC.

The Foley kiddies had been the topic of a feature that is in-depth the Guardian a year ago, which detailed their everyday lives since their moms and dads’ arrest. In December 2010, they certainly were offered passports that are russian and formally called Timofei and Alexander Vavilov—though neither identifies with being Russian. Alex would go to college in Europe and Tim works in finance in Asia.

In line with the Guardian, the brothers have now been fighting to regain their citizenship that is canadian after their parents’ arrests. Alex has additionally been refused for visas from France and Britain:

In 2012 he had been admitted to your University of Toronto, and requested a student that is four-year on their Russian passport. September the visa was issued and he planned to depart for Canada on 2. But four times as he was packing his bags and exchanging emails with his future roommate, he received a phone call from the Canadian embassy in Moscow demanding he come for an urgent interview before he was due to leave. Continue Reading →