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Talisa along with her husband commemorate Edmure’s marriage to Roslin.

Talisa along with her husband commemorate Edmure’s marriage to Roslin.

After Edmure Tully marries Roslin Frey, Robb jokes that maybe he made an error in marrying Talisa, whom feigns offense. This woman is bewildered because of the conventional Westerosi bedding, which Robb describes proves that the wedding had been consummated. Talisa replies that their unborn child is proof enough, and shows that when it is a boy they name him Eddard after Robb’s dad, which Robb agrees to. The doors are closed and the musicians begin playing “The Rains of Castamere”, which visibly makes Catelyn uneasy after the bedding.

A expecting Talisa is stabbed by Lothar Frey.

Lord Walder rises to latin brides toast Robb, saying which he has yet to offer their queen that is new a gift. Realizing they’ve been betrayed, Catelyn slaps Roose over the real face and yells a warning to Robb, but at the same time it’s too late. Being a startled Talisa sits at a dining table, Lothar Frey approaches her from behind and starts to over over and over repeatedly stab her when you look at the belly having a dagger, fatally wounding her and killing her unborn youngster. At that minute, Robb along with his men are either shot because of the artists with crossbows or set upon by Frey soldiers. Talisa rises so as to flee but immediately collapses as a result of her wounds and dies moments later on in her own husband’s hands.

Robb and Talisa lie dead.

The loss of Talisa and the youngster delivers Robb right into a continuing state of surprise, and then he stays holding her in the hands as their guys are slaughtered around him. Moments later on, Robb and Catelyn are then killed by Roose Bolton and Ebony Walder streams, correspondingly. 10 Although the deaths of Robb and Catelyn and just how their health had been desecrated by the Freys are talked about at length by buddies and foes alike, what the results are to Talisa’s human anatomy within the aftermath continues to be unknown. Continue Reading →