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Novo-pharm Aromasin – Exemestane Benefits

Exemestane is popular among bodybuilders and powerlifters who use anabolic-androgenic steroids for mass growth when it comes to sports. The drug's beneficial effects include:
• Prevention of gynecomastia.
• Suppression of the female estrogen hormone production in the body.
• Increased anabolic activity.
• Improved body definition
• Prevention of hypertension.
• Reduced negative estrogen-related effects on the hypophyseal portal system.
• Healthier appetite.
• Restored blood pressure.
• Restored endocrine profile.
During steroid cycles and PCT, bodybuilders use exemestane to avoid aromatization and restore the production of testosterone that is necessary for male health.
It is advised that women only use the medication as prescribed by the doctor and never before menopause. This is because the drug blocks women's estrogen hormone production, which negatively affects a woman's reproductive function and endocrine profile.
Exemestane is considered a mild substance, so if sufficient dosages are followed, it will not affect the body. This acts as a natural antitumor and allows athletes to use active anabolic androgenic steroids that produce strong aromatization without any side effects. Depending on the type of steroid used, the drug is administered before beginning or during PCT. Exemestane also prevents blood clots from developing, facilitates blood vessel dilation and increases flow of blood.

Novo-pharm Aromasin – Exemestane Possible Side Effects

Exemestane rarely results in adverse reactions when used properly, but excess dosages can lead to depression, reduced libido, Increased bad cholesterol levels, joint pains, nausea, flashes, clotting, dryness of the mucous membrane in the genitourinary area, brittle bones. Various bodily systems may also be affected digestion: constipation, diarrhea, decreased appetite, nervous system: migraine, drowsiness, dizziness, paresthesia, insomnia, cardiac and vascular systems: increased blood pressure.
Drug users are advised to reduce the dose immediately or to avoid the use completely in case of side effects.